Three Secrets of Successful Investors: Week 3 – Low cost, diversified portfolios that take all the work (and most of the worry) out of investing

“Investing is one of the few areas where less really is more. Less fees, less taxes and less worrying about which companies to invest in.

This three part webinar series will cover each of these topics in detail, and provide you with the information that you need to be a more successful investor. It is designed for the novice investor and provides simple, actionable strategies that any one can implement.” – Michael Fine

Tune in for the third of 3 webinars: Low cost, diversified portfolios that take all the work (and most of the worry) out of investingpresented by Michael Fine.

“Learn how, for a fee of .25% (that is one quarter of 1 percent) per year, you can buy an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) from a top-rated global investment manager such as Vanguard, Blackrock or BMO, that will totally manage a diversified portfolio containing stocks of the world and bonds, in a range of proportions appropriate for your risk level.

This webinar, will discuss the range of All in One ETFs available, and how to purchase them through a Discount Broker. We will also discuss how easy it is to set up an Online Discount Brokerage account and get your favorite bank branch to help you.” – Michael Fine


The content will be presented in English, however bilingual participation is encouraged. La présentation se fera en anglais, mais la participation dans les deux langues officielles est encouragée.

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Oct 05 2022


10:00 am - 11:00 am
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