2018 – Fall General Member’s Meeting, October 15 –
Understanding your finances in retirement

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Alain Corriveau, Ottawa Branch Member
– Ottawa Branch Financial Literacy Program for Members

Debra Foubert, Director, Compliance and Registrant Regulation Branch, Ontario Securities Commission
Best practices – choosing and working with a financial investment advisor

Michael Fine, MBA, Ottawa Branch Member
Three strategies to improve after tax investment returns

Heather Richardson, Executive Trusts Officer, Estates & Trusts, TD Wealth
Estate planning

Curtis Gilfillan, Advisor, Investment and Retirement, Caisse Populaire Desjardins
Bonifier ma retraite – planifier pour en retirer le maximum (available in French only)

2018 – Annual General Meeting (AGM) Spring, May 1, 2018

Minutes of the 2017 AGM
Integrated Report 

Ottawa Charter Branch AGM

2017 Financial Statements
Budget and Forecast 2017 and 2018
Election of New Directors

Corporate AGM

2017 Financial Statements – 1596954 Ontario Inc.


Video of Introduction from Branch President – Part 1
Video of Presentation from National President – Part 2 
Video of Official Business of Ottawa Branch AGM – Part 3
Video of Official Business of Corporate AGM (1596954 Ontario Inc.) – Part 4 
Video of Key Note Speaker – Pam Howell, Bruyère Research Institute – taking charge of your health and safely reducing medications
Key Note Speaker slides

2017 – General Meeting (Autumn), October 24, 2017
Documentation pertaining to the event
Video no. 1: Welcoming Introduction by the President Robert Giroux
Video no. 2: Introduction to Investing and Financial Planning by Daniel Brunet
Video no. 3: Financial Advisory Standard and Client’s Best Interest by  D. Grant Vingoe, Vice−Chair of the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC)
Video no. 4: Low Costs Passive Investments Strategies (Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)) by Todd Schlanger, CFA, Senior Investment Strategist in Vanguard Investment Strategy Group (ISG)
Slides of the Presentation by Todd Schlanger, CFA

2017 –  Annual General Meeting (AGM) (Spring), May 2, 2017
Minutes of the 2016 AGM
Minutes of the 2016 FGM
Integrated Reports

2016 Financial Statements
Budget for 2017 and Forecast for 2018

Election of New Directors
Video of the Business Portion Part 1
Video of the Business Portion Part 2
Video Info Mart Draw and the Volunteer of the Year
Video of Presentation on Diabetes
Video of Q&A on Diabetes Presentation
Slides of Diabetes Presentation

2016 –  General Meeting (Fall)
Video of the Business Part
Video Presentation on ″Stock Market Indices″
Dissolution Resolution
New Branch By-Laws

2016 –  June Special Meeting on ″Memory Loss″ by Dr. Frank
Presentation on ″Memory Loss″  By Dr. Frank


2016 –  Annual General Meeting (Spring)
Minutes of 2015 AGM
Video Presentation on ″Aging Well″ par Jennifer Moir
Slides of Presentation
2015 Integrated Report
2015 Financial Statements
Disincorporation Resolution